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Research Papers

Convergence of groundwater discharge through the hyporheic zone of streams

Mojarrad, B.B., Wörman, A., Riml, J., Xu, S., 2022. in Groundwater, 61: 66-85.

Cross-validating hydromechanical models and tracer test assessments of hyporheic exchange flow in streams with different hydromorphological characteristics

Morén, I., Riml, J., Wörman, A., 2021. Water Resources Research, 57(12), December 2021,

Geographic and hydromorphologic controls on interactions between hyporheic flow and discharging deep groundwater

Morén, I., Mojarrad, B.B., Wörman, A., Riml, J., Xu, S., 2023. Hydrogeology Journal, HYJO-D-22-00188R1

Hyporheic exchange flow studies in 10 small streams in south-east Sweden, 2017-2020

Importance of water level management for peatland outflow water quality in the face of climate change and drought

Salimi, S. and Scholz, M. (2022). Environmental Science and Pollution Research 29(50). p.75455-75470

Response of the peatland carbon dioxide sink function to future climate change scenarios and water level management

Salimi, S., Berggren, M. and Scholz, M (2021). Global Change Biology 27(20). p.5154-5168.

Förändring av fosfor- och kvävekoncentrationer i Skåne och effekter av anlagda våtmarker

Nilsson, E. (2021). Lunds Tekniska Högskola

Potential of stream restorations for reducing agricultural nitrogen load

Riml., J., Morén, I., Wörman, A., 2024. In review

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